Production Services


The most successful productions are those that have great crew chemistry.  Regardless of the project—whether a live, nationally televised broadcast or event, celebrity interview, TV program, corporate video, product demo or webcast—our team of seasoned industry professionals will ensure you have the assets to create a top-notch final edited product that’s professional as well as aesthetically appealing.

Our crews come with their own camera & lighting equipment—see the equipment page for a full listing of our production equipment. We can also work with your equipment if needed.  


Production crew members include:

Director of Photography/Lighting Designer—More than 25 years experience shooting and lighting television programs, news magazine interviews, commercials, live events and more; both single and multi camera, in studio or on location. Works closely with the producer, director and crew to create pleasing and rich images for your project. 

Camera Operator(s)—Experienced HD camera operators for studio, staged events, on-location, corporate and sports events. Our operators specialize in lighting/camera operation as well as studio peds, handheld, long lens operation on theatrical and sporting events.

Lighting Director/Gaffers—skilled LD/Gaffers who can light a studio to look like a location, or a location as well as a studio. Work closely with producer, director, directory of photography and camera crew to ensure your production is on time, on budget, and top-notch quality.

Sound Technician—a critical component to any crew, especially when it comes to challenging production environments.  Our sound technicians are skilled in wireless, boom and multi camera set-ups.